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I promised that I would stop punishing myself in 2007, so I avoided watching the ½ Hour News Hour on Fox News. Unfortunately a show I was watching showed the opening skit from the first episode, involving a president Limbaugh and vp Coulter, where chicken neck screamed at the TV “watch the ½ Hour News Hour, or we’ll nuke your country and convert you all to Christianity”.

A few thoughts came to me, two of which have been expounded on at greater length by other writers. One, isn’t it the function of a cable news network to provide ‘round the clock news, and not entertainment? Andrew Wallenstein over at The Hollywood Reporter chimes in with some ideas for additional FNC programming.

Second, is the above quote what conservatives consider funny? I think that’s why something like this has never been done before, because conservatism at its core is mean-spirited and hateful, whereas liberal humor is satirical (oh, and by the way, kiss your “we true conservatives don’t support the views of Ann Coulter” card goodbye righties, you own that now). Political Animal discusses this a bit further.

Finally, at what point does the so-called MSM call FNC out for what it is: a complete mouthpiece for the right. If there was any doubt about this (and there should never have been), this completely wipes that away. It’s high time they were shunned by society as nothing more than a bunch of Drudge Report wannabe flunkies.

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