Workin' For The Weekend - Deal or No Deal

On the heels of two of the worst NBA deals ever (Chris Webber gets $41M to go away instead of getting $46M to fulfill his contract, Denver trades two players for Steve Blake), let's discuss the worst deal you've ever made in your life. Maybe it was financial, perhaps a car or house purchase. Maybe it was to cover for a friend for something that ended up getting you more in trouble than he/she did. Or maybe it was something with your significant other, in which case maybe we don't want to know that (yeah, of course we do).

Mine was unquestionably the 1983 Chevy Celebrity that our distant family member convinced us was a good deal. It spent so much time in the shop its first two years that I had a rental car more than the actual car. Kids at school wondered why I was driving a new car all the time. And back then I couldn't even tell them you were big pimpin'. Well I could have, they would have just looked at me like I was weirder than I really was.

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