Workin' For The Weekend - Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!

Now that our side is in power, it’s time we flexed our muscle. So for today’s thought, give yourself a chance to release some stress and anger. Whose ass would you like to kick in this world? Seriously, if you had a chance to teach a little lesson to someone that’s just irritated the heck out of you, who would it be?

Two rules: one, it has to be a celebrity of some sort; saying you want to kick the guy/girl’s ass that cheated with your ex doesn’t really surprise anyone. And two, no politicians; we all want to kick Tom DeLay’s rear end, that’s boring.

With that, my list is as follows:

Rachael Ray – no one in the world can possibly be that perky. She needs to get that permanent grin smacked off her face.
Every recent hip-hop musician – for crimes against music.
Bobby Knight – because he’s got it coming, and he needs to feel what it’s like for once.

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