It's Not Over Until The Mean Lady Squeals

Vic needs us to get the provisional votes counted.  Call HQ now at 513-233-4180 and volunteer to get the provisional votes out.  Here's an email she just sent out:



Victoria has said that all the ballots must be counted before a winner is declared. WFC is confident that once all the ballots are counted we will win.


Vic is down by only 2,865 votes -- 115,817 to 112,952 votes.

That's  a 1.25% gap.


Over the course of the next 10 days, all 7 counties will verify their provisional ballots and decide which ones should be counted. We believe that there are somewhere around 8,000 provisional ballots left uncounted.


During this time, people who voted provisionally may need to prove that they had the right to vote.


Did you vote provisionally? If so, please email us your name and contact information and a summary of your experience. This is critical to ensuring your provisionl vote is not disqualified.


If you want to help us contact the provisional voters and make sure their votes are counted, please email Wells or call us at 513-233-4180.


Around November 17, each county will count the verified provisional ballots and add them to the total. And if things go as we hope they will, Ohio's 2nd District will have a new Congresswoman!


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