Election HOT HOT HOT (and spicy)

Hey all, and happy election day! Having just returned from the good ole south, deep in the heart of Virginia, I can tell you firsthand that the Webb-Allen Senate race is indeed, hot hot hot as my friend at the Thai restaurant says! I spent my free time scouring for more information and local views, and concluded that my favorite editorial was re: the insult to VA voters' intelligence by George Allen who has been trying to demonize Jim Webb re: novels he wrote that included sexual material. "DEVIANT!" screamed the Allen ads that ran every minute on television. The editorial writer supposed that George Allen also sees the bible as such, as the Old Testament includes numerous instances of rape, incest and the like. I hope in this election we can finally take some action and give the voters some confidence in their own intelligence... we are so often drowning in a vat of soundbites and hypocrisy. Hopefully our votes will cut through all this and make a difference! Happy Election Day! (Obviously you can see I'm feeling hopeful about the outcome!)
(My predictions re: Congress. Cranley and Wulsin seem strong from what I just checked. I'm feeling good!!)
And PS. If you all haven't checked out the www.crooksandliars.com page today, you have GOT to see former Pres. Clinton cracking everybody up. I had to watch it a couple of times b/c it was so funny how he brought out the utter ridiculous nature of the Republicans' campaign of fear, fear and more fear!

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