Workin on the weekend - Democrats are made, not born

At an evening get-together with another dem and jk (yes I am blog name-dropping I realize), we talked about how the best way to get more moderation in politics would be to have republicans marry Democrats and have kids, so their offspring would turn out moderate. But somewhere in there (i.e. beer #2), we decided to scrap that idea, and hatched the thought that we ought to do more to match up Dems with Dems to get them to breed future Dems.

I'm sure everyone's familiar with Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). Working off of that, we've come up with the acronym for the program: SCREWD!

We haven't really worked through all the details yet (the restaurant was closing), but for right now we want to start throwing two things out there: how would you go about putting something like this together, and more importantly, what words would you use to fill out the acronym?

Fire away, more to come later.

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