Silver/Brinkman Debate Report

Silver Supporters Overflow Room
Brinkman Supporter Overflows Seat

It was a memorable debate at the Anderson Township Government Center last night. The room was full of people, most of whom seemed to be Silver supporters. At least one seat was quite full of a supporter of Mr. 100% Nuts.

Steve Silver gave articulate, witty and reasoned answers to all questions. At one point, the entire room erupted in laughter when he said that civil unions should apply to same-sex couples because the 14th Amendments equal-protection guarantee means "they should suffer like the rest of us."

His opponent, Mr. 100% Nuts, took the fifth when asked about a possible upcoming criminal indictment. and said that elected officials should be able to supplement their income by circulating petitions for profit.

And the picture? Yes, it's obvious a big Brinkman supporter. But who is he? Read on.

So, whose seat overfloweth? Let's tell the tale of how we found out.

I showed up early for the debate and took two seats in the front row, laying a newspaper and hoodie over a seat for myself and Another Dem. Later on, Designated Driver arrived and put her purse down on the floor next to Another Dem's seat. DD, Zack Morris and I were standing up in front of the seats eating cookies thoughtfully provided by the the League of Women Voters, the debate sponsors, when in walks Wide Boy. He elbows past us and takes DD's seat.

DD says, "Well, that was my seat." Wide Boy says, "Are you press? The front row is reserved for the press." He then takes out a homemade, laminated yellow "press" badge on one of those necklace things you get at trade shows. DD, not wanting a confrontation, moves to another seat, taking her purse.

100% Nuts goes to greet Wide Boy. Wide Boy is trying to wedge himself into this seat and he starts complaining, "Are they making these seats smaller?"

I tell him, "Maybe they should start making smaller reporters." He doesn't really get it.

At that point I notice his tie. It's a custom tie that says, "Whistleblower" on it. Oh, my gosh, Wide Boy has to be that right-wing purveyor of invective and insult, the Whistle Blower. Wide Boy--in his alter ego as foul-mannered reporter for a daily insult sheet--has repeatedly said that 100% Nuts is "running unopposed." (Performances regularly at

I grab a picture and show it to someone who knows him and yes, this person confirms that the seat overfloweth for Mr Jim Schifrin, also known as The Whistle Blower, now known as Wide Boy.

It was entertaining to be next to him for the entire debate. I peered at his notes every now and again and he was making notes about Steve's answers to questions before Steve gave them.

Ah, yes, he really deserves that homemade press badge. And a bigger seat.

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