Jean Schmidt heads fundraising campaign for Vic Wulsin

I'd just like to thank Jean Schmidt for her recent hissy fit over Vic Wulsin's new ad. You see, in Vic's ad, she uses footage from Jeannie's outrageous House floor speech to show how she's unfit to represent OH-02.

Well Schmitty's people didn't like that, and they've cried foul, saying that it breaks a House Rule which states that footage from House proceedings cannot be used in a political ad. So it would appear that Vic is in deep trouble...

...except that she's not a member of the House right now! So she's not subject to those rules. All of this made Jean the "Worser Person in the World" tonight on Countdown With Keith Olbermann, who detailed the whole situation.

So now hundreds of thousands of viewers now know about it, they'll all think Schmidt is an idiot, and a good portion of them will donate to Vic's campaign. Thanks Jeannie, I'm sure that Vic will appreciate the contributions.

Making a fool of yourself and raising funds for your opponent at the same time...BRILLIANT!!

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