It takes a Pillich

It takes a Pillich to change the Ohio legislature! Strickland may be a shoe-in, but when he gets there he will need a Democratic legislature to work with. So lets help him out by helping Connie Pillich get to Columbus.

If you have been living under a rock, Connie is a candidate for State Representativein the 28th district. She is an Airforce Veteran, a mother, a soccer player, an attorney and a all-around good person. You know how in every organization there are talkers and doers? Connie is a doer. I know she will work for the interest of her constituents as well as the rest of Ohio when she gets to Columbus.

Connie Pillich needs $3,000 dollars by Friday to get get out her last mailing. Can you spare a little bit to help reach that goal?

I donated $25.00 more to her campaign yesterday, the amount I might spend on a dinner out, and I'm making dinner at home tonight. Some of my friends donated a little more, they obviously eat at better restaurants. But Connie still needs more. Pass this on to friends and get your friends to pack lunch with you tomorrow.

You can donate on-line at

Contribute now, and ask a few friends too! PILLICH OHIO!

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