Closer than we thought's House Forecast shows the Cranley/Chabot race as a near dead-heat, and is ranked in Tier 1, which is the tier where they expect to win 50% of the races. They also give Wulsin more than a fighting chance against Schmidt, placing her in Tier 2, which is about 25% expected victories. (Un)fortunately, the DCCC has not provided funding for Vic as yet, but the polls are still well within the MOE.
Interestingly, the PVI (which ranks how partisan each district is) shows OH-02 to be the third-reddest district in play (if you don't count DeLay's old stomping grounds), next to Idaho-01 and Wyoming-everywhere. I'm not sure what exactly that means, but maybe they'll start growing potatoes, wearing cowboy hats, and preparing for Olympic skiing in Clermont County soon.

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