100% Nuts

I received a mailing from Mr. Brinkman in which he rips off Dr. Seuss. Inspired me to write the following:

Not for health or for safety,
No ifs ands or buts
Not for rape or for incest
'Cause Tom Brinkman is nuts.

Make up your own! Choose a topic that the Man from the Brink of Reason has been extreme on...there are so many! How about equal treatment under the law (the sole vote against Ohio ratifying the 14th Amendment)? How about cutting health care services for the under and uninsured? How about possible violations of election law? C'mon, show the voters of the 34th Ohio State House District how the Man from the Brink of Reason represents only an extreme minority!

Verse which praises his opponent, the mainstream and reasonable working man Steve Silver, is also welcome!

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