Workin' For The Weekend - You Shouldn't Have

Everyone's gotten that one gift from their significant other that just made them cring and say 'what the hell were you thinking?'. Or maybe it just conjures up bad memories. So your task for today is to give up the 411 on the worst gift you ever got.

Two immediately come to mind (one maybe not a gift, but still a bad memory):
  • The girl who got me a 'scene it' game, intended for 'us', three weeks before she dumped me (why, why, why do you women do batshit crazy things like that? Makes no sense.)
  • My college ex gave me a mix tape right before summer vacation, which contained some of the absolute worst songs ever created - and anyone who remembers the music from 1989-91 knows what I'm talking about. Stevie B, The Triplets, Oleta Adams...yeah, it's still burned into my brain. After that, I realized that it was just not going to work out, since the tape was the deepest soulless pit I had ever seen, and we broke up over the summer.

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