Workin' For The Weekend - Beautiful People

In honor of The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People On The Hill, it’s time to divulge the politicians that get your heart a-pumpin’.

Given the lack of females on the hill, I’m going to have to go all David Dreier on this and pick a few on both sides. Wait, that wouldn’t be like Davi…never mind…

(Incidentally, go to the bottom of page 2 of the link. I was wondering what J. Peterman had been doing since Seinfeld went off the air. Apparently Nevadans are big fans of the Urban Sombrero.)

  • Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm
  • Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold
  • Tennessee Representative Harold Ford
  • Former Oklahoma Representative Steve Largent
  • Heather Locklear (hey, she was in Spin City, that was city government, chalk it up baby!)
  • Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens…made you look

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