Why do the Dems have to come up with a plan when the republicans don't have one, and they got us into this mess in the first place?

Kevin Drum picks apart David Ignatius' column pretty nicely, and makes one key point.

Let me summarize his column through a parable of sorts:
Let's say you're riding in a car with a friend, and you tell them that the map
says to turn right at a stop sign. Your friend decides instead to
turn left. A half second later you realize that a left turn takes you over
the edge of the Grand Canyon. Then as you're careening towards the
bottom, your friend turns to you and says, 'well clearly I'm better
equipped to handle this situation, since you have no idea of how to save us'.

And don't kid yourself. Iraq is the car, and we're about to crash-land. And the repubs aren't giving up the wheel, because they've gotten us into this mess and neither one of us knows how to get out of it.

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