Que tonto

An editorial in the Enquirer/Fishwrap drew my attention/ire. Apperantly, the author takes issue with Local 12 airing "Nuestro Rincon," a Spanish-language news program that airs on weekends. He then draws the absurd conclusion that those who watch it are unable or unwilling to learn English.

The author of the letter's last name is Koesterman, which I assume is German. I'll further go out on a limb and guess that his ancestors read newspapers in their native German to help them feel connected to their native homeland and language. Why does he have a problem with today's latino immigrants (not all of them are illegal, I'm sure) doing the same thing with television, and why does he assume that because they watch a program in Spanish mean they don't also know English?

The fact that the immmigration debate has sparked such racism in some people is quite sad.

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