Cool Sites for 1st District

If you live in the 1st Congressional District in Ohio and feel disenfranchised, there are two cool sites to check out.

The first one is OHIO's FIRST - Cranley v Chabot

The blog keeps up to date with all the news of the 1st district race, quite often with a young, irreverence, that I like. Take this post: New Chabot Ad Sends a Message to Cincinnati Minorities: You Don't Matter. The post reveals how Chabot's adds send a subliminal message to minorities, that they don't matter. The irreverence comes in with the addition of a photo of Dave Chapelle in whitened makeup and a blond wig, playing Chuck Taylor, the lead "white" anchor on the fictitious "News 3".

The second blog is Take Back Cincinnati, which proclaims it's taking the first district away from Steve Chabot and back to the people of Cincinnati. This site has several contributors and among them Nick Spencer, but don't let that put you off. My favorite post at the time of this writing is She’s A Lot Better Looking Than You, Dumbass. Check it out to find out who she is.

One page is labeled the antichabot, which is a running list of "Why we hate Chabot". Check it out, and keep checking back as the blogger claims it will grow.

Know of another good election blog? Let everyone know, comment.

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