Another day, another corrupt Republican

Boy, I sure am getting tired of posting about these corrupt Republican excuses for leaders. This time, it is Ohio's own Bob Ney who is going to plead guilty!

Any guesses who's gonna be pleading next?

Update: This is what George W. Bush had to say about Bob Ney and other assorted Ohio Republicans:
I appreciate Congressman Bob Ney. (Applause.) Straight shooter, good friend, and a fine member of the United States Congress. (Applause.) I'm proud your Governor is here. Mr. Governor, thank you for coming. I appreciate my friend, Bob Taft, joining us today. (Applause.) I'm going to thank my friend, Rob Portman, Congressman from the Cincinnati area, Congressman from the district right next door. Great American. Thank you for coming, Robbie. I appreciate it. (Applause.) I'm proud Mike DeWine is with us today. Mike is a fine United States Senator. (Applause.)

Straight shooter, indeed! That list reads like what the roll-call will be at the prison in a few months.

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