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A couple stories that came across MSN today that had to be shared:

Is my 7-year old too young to have a credit card?

Let me answer that plainly; if Cookie Monster and Kim Possible are still considered required viewing for your child, then yes, he is too young to have a credit card. J.H. Christ what in the fuck has happened to parents today where they even think this is a good idea? Am I just that old and crotchety? But then again, I don't get text messaging and think anyone under 16 with a cell phone should be shot, so what do I know?

Company invents role-playing game based on going to a nightclub

I think this quote from the CEO of the company that created the game says it all:

"It shows that people want to meet people but may not want to go through the pressure of going to a (brick-and-mortar) club to do so."

Oh. So people want to meet people, but they don't want to actually meet the actual people, so they can play a game to meet pixelated versions of people (which I'm sure look exactly like the actual person). Excuse me, but that's what a fucking chat room is for, so you can go act like someone else, meet some skanky women, and then pray when you get there that Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC isn't sitting there with a camera crew.

I officially hate the 21st century.

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