Looks like even NASCAR is starting to get on the diversity bandwagon. Chip Ganassi Racing is going to take on Juan Pablo Montoya as the only foreign born and non-white regular driver on the NASCAR circuit in 2007. Given his successful track record on the Formula 1 circuit, and the fact that he's getting a quality ride in the #42 car, he should become a force fairly quickly.

And now comes word today that IRL darling Danica Patrick's father is in negotiations to bring her to NASCAR as soon as next year. Now where exactly she would fit in is in question (and whether she has the qualifications is a whole different issue).

If you're counting by the way, that would make 2 of the 43 drivers on the circuit diverse. Not terribly impressive, but considering that only 2 of the top 50 conservative songs were performed by diverse artists, they're actually ahead of the curve. Guess we'll just have to wait and see how the fans start reacting to a change like this.

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