We believe you Rush - no really, this time we do

On rare occasions, usually by complete coincidence, Rush Limbaugh actually tells the truth. Today happened to be one of those days.

As reported on by the poor saps at Power of Narrative that actually listened to his show, Rush was his usual unhinged self. Now everyone is focusing on his line of how this whole mess is "a gift to the world". But I don't think that's the real gem. No, where we really should be focusing our attention is on this gem:
"This was never supposed to end in Iraq."
So there you have it. It was never about WMD's. It was never about freeing the people of Iraq.
What it was about was the first step in an attempt to completely overthrow the existing regimes in the Middle East. The whole thing was nothing more than a grand experiment, an effort to install leaders who we thought were more sympathetic to our causes.
You feel good about this administration now?

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