Treat thy neighbor as thyself*

*Certain restrictions apply. See Republican talking points for more details.

Some black preachers in Florida are planning to protest the opening of a mosque in their neighborhood because they fear the mosque may try to convert "a lot of poor black people into that cult." They are being led by the "Rev." O'Neal Dozier, who on Sunday resigned from a panel that helps recommend judges to the governor because of his comments against Muslims.

What do we know about Dozier?
So in Dozier's office last week, pastors planned their protest, surrounded by photos of Dozier posing with President Bush, Gov. Jeb Bush, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

I especially love this line from one of Dozier's BFFs, the "Rev." Alonzo Neal:
Neal jumped in: "The only thing we as men of God can do is stand and be counted."
In case it's not clear, Neal is talking about standing at the protests. Oh, another thing about Dozier:

Dozier, 57, is a key figure in Republican Charlie Crist's effort to reach black voters in the attorney general's race for governor.

Can you feel the love? Also, can you see the bling on the "Rev." Dozier?

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