Travels with Cosmo, Fourth Installment

Or drive until the dog farts...

Cosmo enjoys watching the wildlife in the west. I hope you do too. Also a few landscapes. Click read more to enjoy.

My first encounter with a Bison in the park. He was walking down the street.

Bison Calves

Bison in H2O.

Nice Rack! An elk.

An Obsinacy (Herd) of Bison.

Water fall from Artist Point.

Blue Star Pool.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Steam Boat Geyser in the morning.

These are allover the West. Who Kum & Gos?

A view from Beartooth's Pass. Elevation 10,000 + feet. Yep that's snow in July.

JK: At altitude 10,000 feet or so on the Beartooth Highway, there's a bike rack at the scenic overlook. The only way up or down is the highway itself. You'd have to bike about 43 miles horizontally and ascend about 3,000 feet from the nearest town in the Yellowstone direction and 12 miles horizontally and 3,000 feet vertically from the other side.

Needless to say, it was empty.

A view of the Badlands.

Wild Horses in Theodore Roosevelt Nat'nl Park.

Prarie Dogs in TRNP.

Till Next Time!!!

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