Of Dixie Chicks and brave journalists

A funny thing happened on the "internets."

The Crapquirer's Peter Bronson, in a typically incoherent diatribe, tried to put down the Dixie Chicks while attempting to show off his own patriotism by "supporting the troops." The internet gods, however, saw it fit to throw in a couple of funny ads on that page; see the image below.

Anyways, being the good liberal that I am, I tried to comprehend what Bronson was saying in his column. Alas, it was wasted time. His "article," if you want to call a bunch of unrelated sentences that, goes something like this:

1) Dixie Chick Natalie Maines said, "I don't see why people care about patriotism." How dare she?
2) Mom of solider serving in Iraq is brave. (I bet it doesn't apply to Cindy Sheehan, but that's another story.)
3) (Quoting a guy called Fumento who went to Ramadi) (a) Ramadi is dangerous and a "hellhole," and (b) Journalists don't report what's happening in Ramadi and sit in their Baghdad hotel rooms instead.
4) The money shot is this line: "Where are the stories about heroic Marines like Liming or the soldiers in the 101st Airborne?"

Umm, Pete, do you think 3 (a) has something to do with 3 (b)? Also, umm, why don't you go to Ramadi and write about the soldiers of the 101st Airborne?

Finally, Pete, forgive my inquisitive nature here, but how many medals do you have from your military service?

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