Workin' For The Weekend - Brilliance in Action

In honor of the World Cup, which starts this morning in Germany (World Cup for Liberals primer coming later today, thanks again Blogger!), I thought it would be fitting to talk about the greatest live performance you've ever seen. It could be an athlete, musician, actor in a play, comedian, or some other category I can't think of. Whatever it is, have fun with it!

Personally, I've seen some great live performances. To list a few, there's Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Matthews, Wayne Gretzky, Hall & Oates (don't laugh, it was in their heyday in 1983 and it rocked), even Air Supply...never mind the last one. But for me there's no real question, it was getting to see Michael Jordan and the Bulls against the Knicks on Christmas Day 1992. The old Knicks thought they could thug up the game and knock Jordan around. 45 points later they were completely demoralized. I miss the old Chicago Stadium, no better place to watch a basketball game than there, even though it was located in the crappiest part of town.

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