Why I still don't like the media, part 1

As usual, leave it to Jon Stewart to blow to smithereens the whole capture of the 'Miami Seven'. And give the reporters at the press conference their due, they did ask some tough questions that clearly made Alberto Gonzales and his sidekick squirm.

But they didn't ask the one question that I think was a logical follow-up based on all the information they were given, and it should have went something like this:

"Mr. Gonzales, you've said in this press conference that the Miami Seven had no contact with Al-Qaeda, possessed no bomb making materials, supposedly had no more concrete plans to do harm to the U.S. than writing it in a diary, and their knowledge of the structure of the Sears Tower consisted of one of the members having visited it a few times. Given all of this, why are we here? What makes this newsworthy?"

This is what bothers me about the media; they never call the administration out on their ploys to use them for their own publicity. Someone needs to start doing this.

(As an aside, since Jack Bauer likely has schematics of the Sears Tower saved on his PDA, by the administration's standards he's more of a threat than these seven...and he's trapped on a slow boat to China!)

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