Wasting Time

It's no surprise to any of us that the president was once again caught in his lies. This time it's from telling the people of this country that the people of Iraq do not want us to set a timeline and want us to stay longer.

Not true. The Iraqi government has asked us to set a timeline for troop withdrawal and has stated that they will be ready to handle their own security within 18 months. Think Progress has the story here.

So, once again it's the Republicans working against the will of the people of the United States and Iraq. They want you to believe that to, "cut and run" is the cowards approach and to plan a timetable for withdrawal will only cause the terrorists to hold their fire until we leave.

But, do they really believe this or are they just reading from a script provided to them? It looks like the Pentagon is also against a timetable because they provided debate notes to the Republicans on how to argue a case against leaving. It looks like too many were distributed because they ended up in the hands of some Democrats.

It's disturbing that so many people are putting a lot of effort in keeping this a never-ending war.

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