Stretching The Lie

Yesterday Rick Santorum (R-Fecal) and Pete Hoekstra (R-Moran) announced that the, “Weapons of Mass Destruction” have been found in Iraq. This outlandish claim is based on the 500 or so shells that have been found since the invasion of Iraq. These shells, used mainly to carry mustard or sarin gases are remnants of the Iran/Iraq conflict in the 1980’s. The shells aren’t a big threat considering the gases that are contained in these shells most likely have lost most of their potency.

I think I remember hearing something after the 2004 elections about not finding WMD’s in Iraq. I also believe that the White House is standing by this claim. Besides, we aren’t fighting for WMD’s anymore – we’re fighting for FREEDOM!

I will excuse Hoekstra on this claim. I just consider him a Republican teenager who wants to fit in and ended up with the wrong crowd. But, several questions should be asked of Santorum. Of course, the obvious one would be, “What are you smoking?” I also want to ask him why the White House isn’t backing this claim and does he think it was worth sending over 2,500 soldiers to their death for 500 shells? This wild claim wouldn’t be because of his sinking poll numbers would it?

I think that Santorum is onto an ingenious idea but only if he thought of it several years ago. We all know that the White House has not necessarily truthful to us about the war. Just think how they could have used this spin to their advantage long ago. Along with the 500 shells that Santorum has man love for, they could have used the weapons caches that were discovered and used these two things as their claim for, “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” If only they instructed the military to secure the weapon caches instead of ignore them.

Yes. It DOES disturb me that I learned how to lie from watching the White House and the Republican congress. I will seek therapy.

On a side note, if you haven’t yet seen the latest Frontline on PBS titled, “The Dark Side” it’s a must see. It’s appropriately titled since it is about Dick Cheney and company. KET 1 will show a repeat on Monday, June 26th at 10:00 p.m. For more information and times in your area, check out the Frontline homepage.

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