Open Letter to All "Values" Voters

To whom it may (or should) concern:

The subjects you all know and love to hate are back in the news. President Bush holds a news conference showing his support for a ban on gay marriage. The senate picks up the same issue just recently, very much out of the blue.
That same senate will now be debating the very Orwellian idea of a flag-desecrating amendment. Meanwhile, Janet Jackson and her (in)famous breast have heaved their way back into the minds of conservative legislators. The House is talking about indecency, and will probably soon pass more righteous legislation. (I wonder if they are serving these in the House breakroom?)

When have we heard about these issues in the past? All together now, ...2004!!! It is another election year, and the Republicans are getting "serious" about the decadence of the "liberal" society. They are calling on you, the silent majority, to keep them in office so they can protect us from sodomites and perverts as well as they protect us from "terrists". And, what a job they have done, on all of these fronts.

This year you are not going to fall for it, right? You understand that they have no intention of really getting serious about any of these issues. You trusted them last time, and they abused that trust. They are just as big of perverts as anyone else.

This time, you will see through the stinky fog of deception emanating from the back ends of Republicans. And, don't get caught up in the "but, Democrats hate America" nonsense. Let's examine these issues and their relevance to today.

First, gay marriage. Is this really an issue? We've been over this before but let's try it again. Gays are not a threat to your marriage. Gays did not cause the end of my marriage or anyone else's marriage. And, if homosexuality was a cause of the end of a marriage, I don't think it would be affected by the ability of two other gays to marry. If anything, openness and acceptance of homosexuality would serve to ensure that fewer closeted gays enter into untenable marriages to cover their guilt about their own sexuality. This would be a great thing for marriage: less heartbreak for the unsuspecting wife and fewer divorces. So, lay off the gays (and for some Republicans, that can be taken literally). They pose no threat to you.

I remember debating flag-burning in high school. This comes up whenever we need some false-patriotic fervor to demonize those who might vote against this amendment and for free speech. The flag is a symbol. That much we can all agree on. But, what does it symbolize? And, how can it be desecrated? And, what does that desecration mean? That is the subject of interpretation. The amendment only says that it cannot be desecrated. In my mind, this is very dangerous, because that interpretation can be used arbitrarily. Once again, you (the "heart" of America) are being called on to back candidates who value America, while ignoring the basic freedoms that America and its flag stand for.
It won't work this year, will it? You will see that the same people that try to take advantage of your patriotism, only bring it up when they want your support. They had you convinced that liberals were anti-American flag-burners who just wanted to bring this country down. Now you understand that to be another lie, right? Protection of civil liberties is the most patriotic thing we can do. So, which party is really anti-American?

As far as indecency, what more needs to be said? It is shameless that they have ignored the majority of your sacred Bible. All of those parts about protecting the poor, loving your enemy, and redistribution of wealth? How have you let them off the hook for ignoring the very essence of your faith? That won't happen this year, right? Vote for protectors of real Christianity. Look for the candidates who espouse the majority of the Bible's teachings, not for those who talk loudest about minor teachings, while ignoring the rest.

This is your year. You can make a difference by letting the Republicans know that you are on to them. You know that they are hypocrites, blowhards who think that you are stupid. But, you are not stupid. You are ready to rise to the challenge and put them in their place. Together, let's save America from those who would undermine her. And, this time you understand that the real threat comes from within.


An America-loving, freedom-loving liberal

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