Ohhhhh here we go

The saga of the graduation invocation at Shelby County High School in Louisville came to a troubling end last week. After a Muslim student told the school that saying the Lord's prayer before graduation was offensive to her, students began to harass her and tell her to leave the country. Well that's when the ACLU got involved, and the school basically realized that they'd have to get rid of the invocation, because you kind of can't have a single faith prayer at a function such as graduation.

Well that's when the school superintendent let the students know of a little loophole they could use. The school couldn't officially put the invocation on the agenda...but if the students were to break into prayer spontaneously, well the school would be powerless to stop them. So of course they did at the end of the ceremony, to 'rapturous applause'.

Two thoughts cross my mind. One, if these people are such devout Christians, why do they need to perform the prayer in public view? Wouldn't it be every bit as religious a moment if you prayed in private before the ceremony, rather than making a public spectacle? Of course it would be. But it's not about being a good Christian, it's about making a display of religion in public. Clearly these people aren't confident enough in their faith to be able to practice it on their own, so they have to shove it down our throats. Maybe they're over-compensating for some other deficiency.

Second, excellent example for the school administrators to set for their graduating seniors. You don't like the rules, find a loophole to get around them.

Shelby County school administrators: WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD!!!

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