Link before you drink - The Sequel

Piggybacking off of grif's link below, do you remember when you were a junior in high school, and you kept getting pamphlets from all these small colleges that wanted you to come take a look at them? One of them was probably from Knox College, and I'm sure you threw it directly into the trash. Well don't you feel stupid now, because their commencement speaker was way cooler than yours. (On a side note, I think Colbert has moved up to #2 on my man-crush list, right below Tom Brady and ahead of Keith Olbermann and Colin Farrell.)

And to make you forget about 6/6/06, how about a little lounge music? Check out Richard Cheese and his lounge interpretations of modern rock and rap hits. Personally, I prefer the albums Lounge Against The Machine and Apertif For Destruction.

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