Happy 6/6/6

Today is June 6, 2006. Or some of you call it the mark of the beast. 6/6/6

Will you spend the day in fear or will you embrace it, like the town of Hell Michigan is?

Nobody is more fired up than John Colone, the town's self-styled mayor and owner of a souvenir shop.

"I've got `666' T-shirts and mugs. I'm only ordering 666 (of the items) so once they're gone, that's it," said Colone, also known as Odum Plenty. "Everyone who comes will get a letter of authenticity saying you've celebrated June 6, 2006, in Hell."

By the way most of his stuff sales for ....you guessed it $6.66.

Speaking of numbers:

I have a friend who is big into number theory or numerology. He lives at an address that is a combination of special numbers, the biggest days of his life happened on days that are master numbers etc.

Some numbers are considered lucky, others lucky.

Do you have a lucky, or special number or believe in numerology? Tell us your number story.

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