Government in Plaid

Brinkman’s proposed ban on abortion is dead, for now. Now, dear reader, let’s assume for a moment that you are conservative and that you think abortion should be ended. Will illegalizing abortion stop abortion or just make them unsafe? How much do you do to support underprivileged children? Would you like to find your daughters in the ER after a botched back alley procedure? And why is a bit of latex such a sin? Does it seem just a bit odd that a government composed mostly of men want to decide what is morally correct for women?

Let’s make a deal. Tom Brinkman will go out on a date with some smooth operating Frat Boy. He’ll get a little drunk and worry too much that the boy won’t like him if he doesn’t put out. He’ll give into the boy’s advances. Then he’ll carry a bowling ball in his belly for nine months for all to see and pass it out. It will then be replaced with a baby and he can assume all responsibilities without support from his family or community. He will go back to college for another degree while caring for the child and then try to pursue a career. Since he’s an anti-tax conservative, he’ll be happy to do this without Medicaid, daycare vouchers or WIC. After this, he will then be given the right to decide laws that affect women’s health.

Of course, I know most of you reading this are not conservative. So act, and act loud. Tom Brinkman’s contact information is on the linked article. Give him a shout. And then go here, or some similar organization. Help them out a little so your voice can be heard.

(Thanks to JQP for the image)

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