Everything I Need To Know, I Learned At DL Last Night

For those of you who didn't make it out last night, you missed a great meeting with the DL regulars and some new people too. Here is the run down of the meeting and some of the things discussed. There were many conversations going around so feel free to leave your comments.

Another Dem brought her copy of, “50 Simple Things You can do to Fight the Right.” In her words:

It’s an instruction manual for progressives; it offers specific things to do to get active and stay active. I read it. I want you to read it too.

It has simple things you can do, and some that require a little more commitment. Here is a sample of some of the simple ideas.

Listen to Air America- We want it around during the election to reach the electorate. (Leave Bill Cunningham to the conservatives.)

Vacation Blue- Stay at a Hyatt Hotel. In 2004 Hyatt gave 94% of its contributions to Democrats.

Put on a Bumper Sticker- Your message can reach 1,000 or more people a day! Let other progressives know they are not alone. Don’t you get a warm feeling every time you see a Kerry Bumper sticker?

Adopt a voter- Find someone who is not registered who wants to vote. Help them register and then mentor them. Meet them for coffee and review the issues and candidates. Remember with just a few more votes per precinct a Democrat would be president today.

Volunteer- And show up.

The book has 45 more ideas. It’s perfect for Summer Reading. Take it to the pool. Carry it on a plane. Read it on vacation.

You can get it at the Hamilton County Democratic Party for $10.00. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend. Books will be available at the Democratic Headquarters on Webbland Place starting Friday, June 30th. Limited Quantity Available.

Nattie Hattie, the DL queen of great music, created an, “Independence Daze” mix for us just in time for the holiday. The mix is filled with songs of freedom. Since I left my copy at home, I would appreciate it if someone could post the track listing in the comments.

We talked about the recent article that appeared in the National Review on the so called, “50 Greatest Conservative Songs.” What a joke. I won’t go into detail here since Nattie is going to post her assessment of the list, but take a look at the list and feel free to leave your comments!

What should the Dems do this election? Be on the attack or convey a positive message? I believe the majority of the group stressed that it’s time to attack. I want the dissenting view, I always believe in a positive, hopeful message. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and let us know.

The flag burning amendment failed to pass the Senate. So far I haven’t seen a sudden outbreak of people rushing to the hardware store to find something to burn. Has Congress wasted enough of our time already? With only a limited number of days left in session, do you think that they will accomplish anything productive?

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