Eat at Pat's!

I guess I'm a bit puzzled by the stance that Geno's in Philadelphia is taking. He feels the need to post signs around his restaurant saying "AMERICA: WHEN ORDERING SPEAK ENGLISH". Yet he also says his staff will assist anyone that can't speak English to order. So is he just putting up the signs to be a dick?

Let's also not miss the humor in this. A man named Joseph Vento, a grandson of immigrants, is telling people they should speak English at Geno's, which is not exactly an American name. Furthermore, what if someone wants a pizza steak, or wants provolone on their sandwich? Neither one of those words have their origin in English, so what's a customer to do?

I wonder how things would have worked out hundreds of years ago if the Native Americans had posted signs on their wigwams that said "NO ENGLISH SPOKEN HERE".

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