Workin' For The Weekend - The (Not So) Love Connection

Everyone's had that one date in their life that just went totally wrong: the guy 'forgot' to bring his wallet, the girl 'forgot' to tell you about her violently jealous ex, his toupee fell off into the bread pudding, her toupee fell off into the bread pudding, etc. So for today, go ahead and use this as a cathartic experience and let out your worst date.

I'll start: after having a very good dinner with a girl named Melody (we'll call her that...because that was her name), we decided to go for drinks at a nearby bar. Anyways, some time during the conversation, she blurts out that she just put in for a transfer to NYC and she'll probably get it within the next few weeks. As my jaw hit the floor, she then topped herself by saying 'you know when I asked you if you'd ever thought about living somewhere else, well I was checking to see if you'd ever think of relocating up to NYC'. I'm not sure I've ever finished a drink that quickly in my life.

Zack may need love, but not that badly.

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