Workin' For The Weekend - The Moose Outside Should Have Told You

This week's topic comes courtesy of grif. We're taking a vacation. Only it's the worst possible one you can imagine. Everyone's had that horrible vacation you couldn't wait to end. So use this space to vent it all out. Preferably a family vacation if possible, those are the absolute worst.

Here's mine. When I was 11, my family went to Disneyworld over winter vacation, then decided to go down to Jupiter, Florida for a week. You know, because the weather is still pretty nice down there even in December. Except when it dips to 20 degrees! It was one of the worst winter cold snaps on record, which ended up producing one of those orange freezes they always used to show on morning TV. We had to buy all new clothes on the fly just to stay warm. Oh, and when it warmed up I got sun poisoning and itched the entire drive home. Good times, good times.

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