Time To Take Action

Now that the primary is over and we know the candidates for this Fall’s election in Ohio and Kentucky, it’s time to take action to get the candidates elected.

This is a very important election and all of the candidates could use your help. Find a candidate or candidates that share your views and help them get elected by volunteering your time or making a contribution to their campaign.

If you can’t decide which of the great candidates you want to help out, think about volunteering with the state parties in Ohio and Kentucky. The Hamilton County Democratic Party is also looking for volunteers to help out in many areas. There are also a lot of progressive groups and PACs such as America Votes, Common Cause, One Corps, and The League Of Women Voters.

If you are an issues oriented person, help out an organization that focus on the issues you believe in. Two great places to start are at Idealist.org and the IJPC.

Let’s all get out there and take back this country!

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