iPods for the Hill

"What's on your iPod?" has been a hot question of late, as, thanks to our crack MSM, we now know what Hillary Clinton and Dubya are listening to these days, and these guys have been giving iPods to congresspeople in order to make some sort of point on intellectual property righs (what point, I'm not exactly sure about, but they should feel free to make the same point with me, ideally with a 60gb version).

With that in mind, Mother Jones has made some recommendations as to what should be on the playlist, complete with dedictations. They've included Queen's Hammer To Fall and dedicated it to Tom Delay, and Motley Crue's Kickstart My Heart to, you guessed it, Dick Cheney. Local politicos weren't left out: our very own "Mean Jean" got a dedication (David Bowie's Queen Bitch).

So: we've got a pretty musically literate crowd here. Check out the list and let me know what you think. Any additions? Any corrections? What song do you think we should dedicate to this guy? Or him?

I'll start:

Rep. Katherine Harris, R-FL: Don't Stand So Close to Me, The Police.

Just a thought. Have fun.

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