I'm not crying, it's a little Dustee in here

Sometimes in life you make harsh statements about something or someone, and then later you acquire additional information that makes you rethink what you just said, and maybe even make you admit that you made a mistake (unless you’re the current president, in which case the new information is just wrong).

Take the case of statements I made about one Dustee Tucker, spokeswoman for HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson.

(Allow me to go off on a tangent. Jerry Seinfeld used to have a routine in his act about children’s names. One statement he made was ‘if you name your kid Jeeves, you’ve pretty much mapped out his career path for him’. I’m not going to speculate exactly what Dustee’s parents might have been thinking, but I’m guessing it wasn’t that she’d be the HUD secretary’s spokeswoman. Not that I’m making a value judgment on which is better or worse; I report, you decide.)

Anyways, as Think Progress has pointed out, Dustee has painted herself into quite a corner making contrary statements concerning the whole controversy over whether Jackson rejected a company for a government contract because they didn’t support president Bush. So much so that she’s now on ‘scheduled leave’, which I have to assume is scheduled for the rest of her life.

But just when I think that’s the end of the story, Think Progress shows me this photo of Dustee and a friend living it up (Dustee on left).

Dustee Tucker: you’re no longer on notice. Let me know if you accept my apology.

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