Workin' For The Weekend - Songs for the Schmooper and Schmoopie

During my freshman year in college, my girlfriend decided one day while we were together that we needed a song. Of course, she'd already planned for this occasion and had a song ready. She then popped into her cassette player what is now referred to as 'the tape of death'. Out popped the song 'After All', by Peter Cetera and Cher (you might remember this as the theme from the movie Chances Are, which can best be described as a B+ cast that couldn't save a D- movie, though it did have a young Mary Stuart Masterson, which enhanced any movie at the time).

Now anyone familiar with this song knows it's one of the most hideous songs ever, and when you take into account where Cher has gone from that point it's even worse. But of course I couldn't say anything, so it stuck until our hastened breakup. But that leads to this week's series of questions:
  1. What's the song you and your little love bird have decided is your song?
  2. How did that become your song?
  3. If you haven't had 'a song', what song best describes your recent relationships?

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