Weekend Time Waster

This weekend is not about wasting time. Spring is here and the weather is improving and it’s time to get out and do something productive in and around Cincinnati.

City Beat recently published their list of the Best Of Cincinnati. The list gives us the best of everything from goods and services, shops, restaurants, and places to see a show. In this issue, you can find the best place to get a tattoo, best bookstore, best hangover remedy, and even the best monuments to local weirdness.

And, as a side note, we at Drinking Liberally made the best of Cincinnati top 10 list for, “Havens Of Progressive Thought.” It’s an honor to be mentioned among great progressive groups like Peaslee Neighborhood Center, Urbanists, and Greater Cincinnati Women’s Resource Center. Thanks to everyone in Cincinnati and City Beat for their consideration!

Don’t waste any time this weekend, get out and do something!

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