Two Schmidt stories; one for the evil twin, one for the evil-er

If you can get past the horrifying context of the above title, the online version of the Cincinnati Enquirer has two great stories about old Jeannie on the same page.

Story #1: Despite claiming that she had a degree in secondary education, UC has stated recently that she does not, in fact, have this degree. Now her chief of staff is claiming that she has the hours, she just never picked up her diploma.

Excuse me? How do you forget to pick it up? Was it on your to-do list, and after picking up your dry cleaning and getting an oil change you threw the list away and it just slipped your mind?

(Side note: I did not walk for my graduation, my school mailed me my diploma. Seems to me that UC would have done the same, does anyone else have first-hand experience at this?)

Story #2: The Anderson Township Republican Club was planning on hosting a debate on April 19th between Jean and Bob McEwen, who is running against her in the 2nd district primary. Schmidt has refused their invitation. So the good people at ATRC have sought a replacement.

Their #1 candidate: Rachel Dratch, who performed a spot on impersonation of Schmidt's insane Congressional diatribe about John Murtha on Saturday Night Live. Now while I would typically never be caught dead there, I might have to check this one out.

(Another side note: On its website, the mission of the ATRC is to '...focus on maintaining a strong Republican presence in Anderson Township'. Oh. I also went on the Mexico City Mexicans Club website, they're devoted to maintaining a strong Mexican presence in Mexico City.)

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