Play Ball-Interview is in the bullpen

Good Morning! My Magnolia is in bloom, we didn't get blown away last night and today is opening day. That's why you can look for the Interview later.

If you are going to the parade, don't forget to say hi to Thor Jacobs. He is the only one of the district two Congressional candidates to march in the parade. Antiwar protesters will be lining part of the parade route too.

If you are going to opening day, leave early. W- or as we like to call him the Presi-DONT is in town and will fuck up everything for the rest of us. Don't forget to show him your love when he takes the field. A big old Cincinnati style BOOOOO would be good, or you could yell Presi-Don't.

It's been announced he will be gracing Cincy longer than the time needed to throw out the ball. I'm sure that means he is in a luxury box with a few donors for DeWine. So Donate Now to the democratic candidate running against him. Who is that??? I don't know because he hasn't bothered to come to Cincy to let us know who he is. Anyhow find out who he is and donate to him. If you can afford it give what you think the people in the luxury box are paying to rub elbows with W. If not, give what you would pay to get a ticket to opening day and buy your beer and peanuts. Don't forget parking. (I think 300 would be sufficient.)

After opening day check back here for an interview with a local activist in fair elections, we will be talking about voting machines.


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