Opportunity is Knocking: Do me a favor and let them in

In honor of Sheila I found this article on Democratic Underground. The Democrats: Missing in Action.
The author Ernest Partiridge likens the Democrats to a kid who believes in Santa. We do nothing all year then in November we expect Santa will deliver election victories and control of the congress.

It seems the author is trying give the democrats a much needed wake-up call. The opportunity is here, just open the door.

I'm telling you that "the democrats" are us. Not the guys in DC. If you want the door answered get up and get it yourself.

Have you heard about the 50 state strategy? The democratic party has been putting together the infastructure we were lacking. Hiring staff in all 50 states to run the grassroots efforts that will be needed to get our message out and earn our own election victory.

April 29th
is V-day for Democrats. On that Saturday, thousands of volunteers will recruit hundreds of thusands more Americans committed to changing the status quo this year during door-knocking events in communities across America. In Ohio being part of a Victory Squad is the way to help.

Two-thirds of Americans reject this president and the Republican leadership -- and they are waiting to hear from us. You can sign up to be part of the event here. (Or in your hometown.) Sign up today, take responsibility for a Victory in November in your hands. For god's sake will someone get that door?

Update: Another great article, Enough of the DC Dems by Molly Ivans in the March issue of the Progessive.

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