My God, the Republicans are less educated than we thought

Apparently Bill Frist, Dennis Hastert, and the White House staff never watched Schoolhouse Rock, because if they did they would know that this is not a bill, sitting up on Capitol Hill.

I should be shocked that the MSM has not caught on to this story, since it's been brewing for over a month, but unless it involves gas prices, blow jobs, or missing blond girls, the media couldn't care less - it would make their brains hurt.

Anyways, what it comes down to is that the House and Senate passed two separate versions of the same bill. Rather than compromise the two into a new bill (or choosing one over the other) and then sending the new bills through the appropriate chambers, Bill, Denny, and the Decider 'decided' that the House bill won out, and signed it into law. Apparently they were afraid that the House bill wouldn't survive a Senate vote, and that just wouldn't fit their needs. So now a group of 11 democrats have filed a suit to block the bill.

Republican apologists say that it's just a technical difference between the two. According to TPM (and the Norm Ornstein link within the article), that technicality comes out to about $2 billion. This is just another example of the Republicans demanding strict adherence to the law and the Constitution, until it gets in the way of their plans, at which point they become "quaint and outdated".

Also, kudos for Sherrod Brown getting involved in the suit. We give him a hard time usually, but this is the right thing to do.

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