Ballot Primer- Who is this guy?

Two days to Election Day. Have you ever gone to the polls to vote and found a candidate or issue listed that you never heard of before? Don't let it happen again. Be informed.
Here are two easy steps to get you informed.
  1. Go to the Board of Elections site in your county. The Hamilton County BOE site lets you view the ballot for your precinct on line. You can do this by checking your polling location- (there was a shift in precincts since November elections, you may want to confirm you location), from that screen you can acess your ballot. You can view the Democratic, Republican and Issues only ballot.
  2. Now that you can see your ballot you can check Smart Voter, for candidate information. The site provides Non-Partisan information for voters. You can also search for your ballot on this site too. You can also check the DL Interview archive for interviews with many of the candidates.
FYI: Don't write in a candidate unless you know they are a declared write-in-candidate. The vote won't even be registered. There goes my Hackett protest vote.

Polls are open 6:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m. Tuesday May 2nd. Coincidentally DL starts at 7:30, stop by to talk elections and give your thoughts on the new voting machines.

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