Why you should care about the NFL

According to Chris Mortensen over at ESPN.com, NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue is giving serious consideration to stepping down, now that there is labor peace again. And why should you care about this?

Because guess who wants that job more than anyone? That's right, lifelong Cleveland Browns fan Condoleezza Rice. She's not mentioned as the prime candidate, but make no mistake, she's on the list. From hearing interviews with her since she joined the Bush administration, I always got the impression that she'd rather be NFL commissioner than president.

I know this wouldn't change the direction of the administration, but it would get another incompetent fool out of there, and maybe by dumb random luck they might get someone in there that knew what they were doing. As for the NFL...I'd be worried if I were the Bengals, because she might send everyone in the league to attack Carson Palmer because she had intelligence that said he was building nuclear weapons inside his knee brace.

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