Teein' off

Here's a good reason to bring out your golf clubs. Campaign for a Cleaner Congress is organizing a special event tomorrow to fight special interests.

A message from Campaign for a Cleaner Congress.

Dear friends (& all foes of political corruption)

Frustration with those currently in power who have been corrupted by the powerful special interests is something most of us live with -- daily.
This Tuesday, March 14th at 11:00 a.m. (7969 Cincinnati Dayton Road –in West Chester–600 yards west off I-75 at exit #21) join us to do something about it and maybe have some fun too.

Here is the deal: A new national organization, Campaign for a Cleaner Congress, is attempting to highlight the ingrained corruption of current and recent Congressional leadership. Do the names DeLay, Abramoff and our own John Boehner come to mind? They should.

Our regional Representative, Congressman Boehner has a terrific tan. Always has. And it ain’t from hanging out in Middletown or anywhere else in his district. But we have documented his luxury golf outings to exotic locales that we can only dream of…and they are usually paid for by his friends like R.J. Reynolds or straight out of his own PAC grab-bag regularly refilled by, shall we say.... those opposed to the genuine best interests of the vast majority of Ohioans.

So this Tuesday morning at 11:00 a.m. the Ohio Campaign for a Cleaner Congress is asking for your help. We plan to visit the office of Congressman Boehner in West Chester (7969 Cincinnati Dayton Rd—next to Lakota Plaza) for a press event with Scottish “St. Andrews” style bagpipes blowing, banners & signs fluttering, and “Rep. Boehner’s “bogeyman” World Tour” tee shirts proclaiming “Sold Out”, while lugging golf clubs and all things reeking of the far away fairway. Join us for the festivities.

This is not an attack on golf or travel to wonderful places. It is instead a direct statement about the cozy relationship between Boehner and those who pay his golf and travel tab all around the world. When he golfs, taxpayers lose, American workers lose, our environment & health suffer, affordable education vanishes and the thin veneer of honest leadership is hard-sliced into the rough and forever lost.

Please join us. 11:00 a.m. Bring your golf clubs and a sense of humor.
David P. Little Ohio Campaign for a Cleaner Congress
Regional: 513-961-4660 & 513-477-2651 National: 202-393-4352

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