Medical dysfunction

Andrew Sullivan writes on a New Yorker article about the religious right's quiet campaign to prevent a childhood vaccine for HPV (which would reduce adulthood cases of cervical cancer), because it might encourage women to have sex. And they also might feel the same way about an AIDS vaccine. Oh.

I don't get why the left doesn't make more out of stories like this. I understand the 'we're not going to dignify that with a response' attitude, but at a certain point you have to start answering these challenges en masse, if for no other reason to expose these groups for the whack jobs they are.

This is the same issue here as it is with abortion. It's not about preserving life; it never was. It's not about compassion for humanity; it never was. They don't give a damn about the people it affects, they just want to be able to tell you who you can fuck and when you can fuck them. That's all.

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