The Last Cubicle On The Left

Do Republicans have a strange obsession with Teddy Bears? Have you ever looked at the Flag and thought that it would make a nice sweater? Are Republicans only for healthcare when it’s convenient for them? Have you ever wondered what Republicans are like as children? Do you hear that noise? It’s just me banging my head against the cubicle wall!

Teddy Bear Boy

Last week, I mentioned my co-worker, “Ditto-head”. Most know him as, “Teddy Bear Boy” because of the disturbing number of Teddy Bears he has at his desk. It could be that he is paying homage to the last great Republican President, Theodore Roosevelt, but I doubt it. My belief is that the terror alert level was raised one too many times and he holds them when he’s scared.

Wearing The Flag As A Fashion Statement
While walking past the elevator, I noticed a manager who was wearing a sweater with the stars and stripes on it. My first thought was she raided Jean Schmidt’s wardrobe. What amazes is me how all of these self-proclaimed patriots do not understand proper respect for the flag. These, “Flag Waving Morons” (or FWM’s for short), will wrap themselves in the flag or let a tattered flag flap from the window of their car, but do they understand the true meaning of patriotism? To quote Clarence Darrow, “True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else.”

Healthcare When It’s Convenient
The other day, we talked about a former co-worker of ours, a “W” supporter. Last year during open enrollment for insurance, he selected the, “cheapest” coverage, which meant higher deductibles and fewer things covered such as lab work and certain types of testing. He checked himself into a hospital for what he thought was a heart attack but wasn’t. A month or so later, he received a bill from the hospital for what insurance did not cover. “There should be national healthcare”, he exclaimed. One of my co-worker’s on the left said, “You’re the idiot who voted for Bush.” It just goes to show that things like healthcare become important issues when they are the ones directly affected.

This Is No Surprise But…
A test has concluded that whiney children tend to grow up to be conservatives. Now, who’s the wimp?

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